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The Krozairs are the highest order of chivalry on that turbulent planet, dedicated men, warriors of stern convictions and unflinching hearts. And Prescot had been ordained a Krozair back at the dawn of his career. Thus when the Krozairs in their hour of need called on all their far—flung members for aid, he should have gone. But he could not. His return from Earth was blocked by the anger of the mysterious Star Lords.

Before Dray Prescot could achieve redemption, he had two armies opposed to him, two warring kingdoms naming him outlaw, and only the tides of the seven moons as a weapon For while among these slavers and conquerors of the green, searching for a way Never before in his fantastic career on Kregen, planet of the twin suns of Antares, had Dray Prescot been in such a desperate predicament. For while among these slavers and conquerors of the green, searching for a way to turn the tide of war to his own redemption and his friends' advantage, he had personally encountered the deadly animosity of Grodno's king, had betrayed his champion, and had shattered all he had so carefully worked for.

But continue he must, for now, in addition to the enormous feat that alone would restore his honor, he had a blood vengeance to achieve that overrode everything. Get A Copy. More Details Original Title. Dray Prescot 14 , Krozair Cycle 3.

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The Krozair Cycle

Be the first to ask a question about Krozair of Kregen Krozair Cycle, 3. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jan 15, Timothy Boyd rated it liked it. If you are a John Carter of Mars fan or enjoy the "displaced person on another world" then this series is for you. The books run in long story arcs so you can read just a few to complete a plot line or go for the whole set.

Akers creates a very complex world for the hero to adventure in. Jan 04, Mark rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy. The Krozair cycle Dray Prescot is the peak of this serial. It still has a decent sense of freshness and a strong focus on progressing the series, but also adds a bit more emotional depth than expected for pulp fiction. Diane rated it it was amazing Jan 06, Edgar Rice Burroughs Edgar Rice Burroughs was an American fiction writer best known for his celebrated and prolific output in the adventure and science-fiction genres.

Among the most notable of his creations are the jungle hero Tarzan , the heroic Mars adventurer John Carter and the fictional landmass within Earth known as Pellucidar. Burroughs' California ranch is now the center of the Tarzana neighborhood in Los Angeles. He was of entirely English ancestry, with a family line, in North America since the Colonial era.

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Many of his ancestors fought in the American Revolution. Some of his ancestors settled in Virginia during the colonial period, Burroughs emphasized his connection with that side of his family, seeing it as romantic and warlike, and, in fact, could have counted among his close cousins no less than seven signers of the U.

Declaration of Independence , including his third cousin, four times removed, 2nd President of the United States John Adams. Burroughs was educated at a number of local schools, he attended Phillips Academy , in Andover and the Michigan Military Academy. Graduating in , failing the entrance exam for the United States Military Academy at West Point, he became an enlisted soldier with the 7th U.

Cavalry in Fort Grant, Arizona Territory. After being diagnosed with a heart problem and thus ineligible to serve, he was discharged in After his discharge Burroughs worked a number of different jobs. During the Chicago influenza epidemic of , he spent half a year at his brother's ranch on the Raft River in Idaho , as a cowboy, drifted somewhat afterward worked at his father's Chicago battery factory in , marrying his childhood sweetheart, Emma Hulbert, in January In , Burroughs joined his brothers, Yale graduates George and Harry, who were, by prominent Pocatello area ranchers in southern Idaho, partners in the Sweetser-Burroughs Mining Company, where he took on managing their ill-fated Snake River gold dredge , a classic bucket-line dredge.

The Burroughs brothers were the sixth cousins, once removed, of famed miner Kate Rice , a brilliant and statuesque Maths professor who, in , became the first female prospector in the Canadian North. Journalist and publisher C. Burroughs resigned from the railroad in October By , after seven years of low wages as a pencil-sharpener wholesaler. By this time, Emma and he had two children and Hulbert. During this period, he began reading pulp-fiction magazines. In , he recalled thinking that As a matter of fact, although I had never written a story, I knew that I could write stories just as entertaining and a whole lot more so than any I chanced to read in those magazines.

In , Burroughs and Emma had their third and last child, John Coleman Burroughs known for his illustrations of his father's books. In the s, Burroughs became a pilot, purchased a Security Airster S-1, encouraged his family to learn to fly. Daughter Joan married Tarzan film actor, James Pierce , starring with her husband, as the voice of Jane, during for the Tarzan radio series; the pair were wed for more than forty years, until her death, in Burroughs divorced Emma in and, in , married the former actress Florence Gilbert Dearholt, the former wife of his friend, Ashton Dearholt , with whom he had co-founded Burroughs-Tarzan Enterprises while filming The New Adventures of Tarzan.

Burroughs adopted the Dearholts' two children, he and Florence divorced in Burroughs was in his late 60s and was in Honolulu at the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Despite his age, he applied for and received permission to become a war correspondent, becoming one of the oldest U. After the war ended, Burroughs moved back to Encino , where after many health problems, he died of a heart attack on March 19, , having written 80 novels, he is buried at Tarzana, California , US.

Born in London , he married Pamela Buckmaster on 7 March , they had one son and two daughters, they divorced in Bulmer lived in Tunbridge Wells, England , he died 16 December A prolific writer, Bulmer penned over novels and numerous short stories, both under his real name and various pseudonyms. For instance, his long-running Dray Prescot series of planetary romances was published as Alan Burt Akers, as by the first-person protagonist of the series, Prescot himself.

Bulmer's works are popular in translation Germany , to the extent that in some cases they have been published only in German editions, with the original English-language versions remaining unpublished. Bulmer was active in science fiction fandom, including travelling to the United States in as the TransAtlantic Fan Fund delegate. In the s he edited nine issues of the New Writings in Science Fiction anthology series in succession to John Carnell , who originated the series.

Philip Stratford and Tully Zetford. Kenneth Johns was a collective pseudonym used for a collaboration with author John Newman ; some of Bulmer's works were published along with the works of other authors under "house names" Ken Blake, Arthur Frazier, Neil Langholm , Charles R. Pike, Andrew Quiller, he ghost-wrote books for Barry Sadler.

In some cases, Bulmer used not only a different name but included in the books a detailed imaginary biography giving specific personal details different from the true ones. For example, the Viking series published under the name "Neil Langholm" included biographical details intended to create the impression that the series — as appropriate to its subject — was written by a Dane: Neil Langholm was born in Copenhagen in , but was educated in England at Eton and Oxford.

He gave up in to begin writing full time, he is the author of several bestselling western and science fiction series, which he writes under a pseudonym.

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  5. Langholm now lives with five children in Ruislip , his hobbies are breeding dogs and archery. Consists of eleven cycles, four stand-alone novels, three stand-alone short stories as noted below; the first thirty-seven volumes were published by DAW Books from December — April English language ebooks of volumes 38—41 were issued by the now-defunct electronic publisher Savanti from September — December Publication was interrupted for close to six years between volumes 45 and 46 due to family illness and difficulty in locating the manuscripts.

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    As of 5 February it was reported that all the missing manuscripts had been found except that for Demons of Antares , being translated back into English from the German version, a process "almost finished. Volume 52 was published in November Bladud Books, a sister imprint of Mushroom eBooks, has published collected omnibus editions of all volumes in hardcover and ebook formats.

    Warrior of Scorpio 4. Swordships of Scorpio 5. Manhounds of Antares 7.

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    Arena of Antares 8. Fliers of Antares 9. Bladesman of Antares Avenger of Antares Renegade of Kregen Secret Scorpio Savage Scorpio Captive Scorpio A Life for Kregen A Sword for Kregen A Fortune for Kregen Beasts of Antares Rebel of Antares Legions of Antares Delia of Vallia Fires of Scorpio Talons of Scorpio 3. It is the eighth volume in his extensive Dray Prescot series of sword and planet novels, set on the fictional world of Kregen, a planet of the Antares star system in the constellation of Scorpio, it was first published by DAW Books in In addition to being the eighth volume in the series as a whole, Fliers of Antares is the third of six volumes in the Havilfar Cycle, it is set on the fictional continent of Havilfar.

    The 52 completed novels of the Dray Prescot series were written by Bulmer between and , when a stroke stopped his writing the Dray Prescot books, after , were only published in German; the series is in the spirit of Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter of Mars series. The book continues directly on from Arena of Antares with Prescot and their friends escaping Hyrklana in a flying boat. On their journey over the sea Prescot is accidentally thrown off the boat during a storm and manages to swim to safety.

    He reaches a little village of the semi-human Lamnias, he is however enslaved alongside an annual set number of youth from the village. The slave masters, another half-human race, attempt to shoot down the flying boat of Prescot's friends who are in search of him but he is able to warn them; the flying boat departs and Prescot remains a slave. Sold to the Heavenly Mines in the Empire of Hamal, where the raw ore is mined for the flying boat propulsion, Prescot falls into the monotony of the hard labor forgetting escape, he recovers and starts planning an escape when he is once more teleported away by the Star Lords.

    He finds himself in the unusual situation of arriving somewhere without having to fight but is soon moved again, further back in time, the Star Lords having blundered his teleportation ; this time, still at the same location, he has to rescue a palace official, Ortyg Fellin Coper , from an attack. Grateful of his help, he becomes the formers guest in the capital of Djanduin, a land populated by the four armed Djang, a warrior race, the two armed Obdjang, an administrator race.

    Sword and planet - Wikipedia audio article

    He learns that Djanduin is under constant attack by neighbouring Gorgrendrin, he learns, by observation of the position of the two Suns to each other that he has been sent ten years into the past. Prescot decides not to get involved into local politics and wars.

    The Tides of Kregen - Wikipedia

    Prescot watches Djanduin fall deeper with ever-changing Kings, he decides out of boredom, to become king himself. He becomes a field commander of an army and marches on the capital, defeats the current king, is crowned king of Djanduin. Seven years have passed by and Prescot spends another three rebuilding the country.

    Satisfied with his work he installs his friend Ortyg Fellin Coper as regent and departs in a flyer to reunite with Delia now that the timelines have converged again. Prescots flier breaks down on the way and he is visited by the Gdoinye the messenger bird of the Everoinye, the Star Lords.

    He reveals to Prescot that there is another task for him and that they demand another year of him after which he will be free, for a time. Prescot neither agrees nor disagrees, wondering if he could resist the Star Lords, is soon teleported away. Prescot arrives on the hill side of an erupting volcano and decides that his task must be to save the town below or its inhabitants, he forces the local leader into commanding a rescue effort. He learns that he is in a remote part of the Empire of Hamal but finds himself taken captive alongside two new friends he has made for threatening the local leader; the three escape and reach to Sumbakir, where one of them, worked in the flying boat factories.

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    Prescot finds employment there in the hope of learning the secret of how the flying boat propulsion operates, he aroused the interest of wife of the Kov in charge of the factories. Prescot is taken to her chambers but finds himself disgusted with the way she treats her female slaves, he frees the slaves, kills Esmes guard but is unable to stop one of the slaves from killing the Kovneva.

    He helps the three slave girls to escape unsuccessfully investigates the secret parts of the factory.